Rosewater Wondermist

Rosewater Wondermist


Wondermist does it all: refreshes skin, lightly moisturizes, sets makeup, cools sunburns and tones. Simply shake and spray on face or body when the mood feels right.

FULL MOON + QUARTZ CHARGED reverse osmosis water
ROSE HYDROSOL* naturally balances pH and soothes sensitive skin
YLANG YLANG HYDROSOL releases stress and balances oily skin
LAVENDER* promotes healing and nourishes damaged skin
NEROLI enhances elasticity and moisturizes complexion

Extend shelf life and amp the misting experience by storing your Wondermist in your fridge.

Mindfully-crafted (meaning I didn't make this if I was stressed or in a funky mood) and packaged in a 4oz cobalt blue glass bottle with fine mist atomizer.

*certified organic

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