how it all began...

It was 2013 + I was in another bleak dermatologists office.

My on-and-off relationship with cystic acne was at [another] peak + my dermatologist, who barely made eye contact with me, recommended Accutane for the second time. Allowing my intuition to guide my decision (instead of the easy way out), I turned down the prescription + started investigating natural alternatives to treat my acne-ridden, oily skin. When I discovered oils could serve as a treatment option, I booked an appointment with a local aromatherapist + within our hour appointment, I soaked in her knowledge like a porous sponge. A light went off, my path started to blaze.

When I returned home, the research + testing began. I invested in high-quality, ethically-sourced ingredients to create my own facial serum (the same serum sold here). Since discovering the magic of natural ingredients, embracing a healthier life + releasing what no longer served me (this came in many forms), my skin transformed. I had to share my experience with others.

With this passion for spreading my discovery + a desire to make natural products less complicated than they seem, Maven Made was created in 2014. Since it’s launch, the line has expanded to retail store shelves (see the stockists here) with over a thousand orders shipped + the positive feedback reminds me that I'm on a journey that has truly aligned with my soul.

In 2016, I added workshops to the Maven Made umbrella to spread knowledge, learn from others + give people an opportunity to create custom products to fit their needs. Getting a customer turned on to their intuition + natural solutions is where I find my bliss, that is also why I don't make products when I'm in a funky mood + use Full Moon + quartz charged water in all water-based products.

The bottom line of Maven Made? Simple all-natural, non-toxic products for home, wellness + beauty. From essential oils to rosewater or finely ground sandalwood, each element used in Maven Made products are vegan + kosher certified, mindfully crafted, all-natural + ethically-sourced.

Maven Made is proudly a queer + woman-owned business + I couldn't be more honored Maven Made is part of my existence + path to blaze.

Live simple + full...

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