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how it
came to be

After years of trying temporary solutions to help my cystic acne and oily skin (tanning, Accutane, chemical products, lots of makeup, you name it, I likely tried it) I threw in the towel and started researching a more natural route to heal my skin. When I discovered plant-based ingredients could serve as a powerful treatment option, I concocted a formula (that is now the Facial Serum) and within a month, my skin changed and confidence shifted. I had tapped into some special and had to share my discovery with others.

That’s Maven Made started to take form.

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Facial Serum

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ingredients and intention

Within each blue bottle, we strive to use quality ingredients that are organic, cruelty free, nontoxic and 100% plant-based. Our belief in energy transference combines with our production so we don’t make products when we’re in a funky or frustrated mood. You deserve the best energetic experience when you use one of our handcrafted products.

Although we take mindfully-crafted to a serious level, we have fun while making your goods. Which usually means a song was sung or a dance was had during the creation or packing of your order.

extending beyond skincare

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stirring change in the wellness industry

The wellness realm can have a dark side. From elitism, racism, exclusion, appropriating cultures or indigenous plant medicines, to body, food and product shaming, we advocate for a different direction.

We don’t subscribe to idea of surface conversations and positivity culture, instead we openly discuss well being issues that face people and our planet. As Rebekah Borucki says it best, “if we’re talking about wellness, and we’re not deeply engaged in conversations around inclusivity, social justice, then whose wellness are we really concerned with?”

"it’s a wonderful feeling to use products made with love and positive energy."

— Lynna