How it all began.

It was 2013 and I was in another dermatologist office.

My on-and-off relationship with cystic acne was at another peak and the dermatologist, who barely made eye contact with me, recommended Accutane for the second time. Allowing my intuition to speak up, I turned down the prescription, left the appointment and started researching natural alternatives to help my acne-ridden and oily skin. When I discovered oils could serve as a treatment option, I booked an appointment with a local aromatherapist. Within our hour appointment, I soaked in her knowledge like a porous sponge, that's when the light went off.

I invested in high-quality ingredients to create my own facial serum (the same formula sold here). Within a month my skin transformed and I knew I had to share it with others. This is the moment Maven Made started to take shape.

A flame with lit to share my personal discovery, and a desire to make natural products seem less pretentious and more accessible, Maven Made was launched in 2014.

The bottom line of Maven Made? Creating quality plant-based products for your skin and beyond, without the elitism or fluffy stuff. From botanical oils to Full Moon-charged rosewater or soft matcha, each ingredient used in our products is nontoxic, certified vegan, gmo free and organic.

Maven Made is proudly a queer woman-owned business.

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