Grapefruit, Rose + Bergamot: Room + Linen Spray

Grapefruit, Rose + Bergamot: Room + Linen Spray


The bright scent of pink grapefruit + bergamot balances with sweet notes of rose. This chemical-free spray boasts antimicrobial properties to nix foul smells while also uplifting the mind. Simply shake + mist into the air on on linens (6 inches from spray nozzle recommended).

ORGANIC BERGAMOT promotes happiness + clears the mind

ROSE reduces anxiety + boosts positive vibes

GRAPEFRUIT anti-microbial properties fight germs

FULL MOON + QUARTZ charged water + grain alcohol base

Mindfully-crafted (meaning I didn't make this if I was stressed or in a funky mood) + packaged in a 4 oz glass cobalt blue bottle with black atomizer.

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