Moon Time Relief

Moon Time Relief


This dynamic blend of herbal infused and essential oils can work with your body to help balance hormones, relieve menstrual cramps, soothe irritation, eases labor*, cool hot flashes and calms menopause-related symptoms. Not quite sure about committing to a full size? Find a mini sample version here.

RED CLOVER INFUSED GRAPESEED AND EVENING PRIMROSE OIL reduces breast tenderness, menopausal symptoms and hot flashes
GERANIUM* can ease anxiety during child labor* and promote healthy hormonal balance
YLANG YLANG eases stress, lessens pms symptoms and enhances libido 
PEPPERMINT* cools hot flashes and soothes cramps or aches
GERMAN CHAMOMILE aids insomnia, tames hot flashes and calms the mind
CLARY SAGE eases endometriosis symptoms, reduces irritability and pain
*certified organic | all ingredients are 100% plant based

Roll directly on lower belly, lower back, along spine, bottoms of the feet or simply inhale.

Mindfully-crafted (meaning I didn't make this if I was stressed or in a funky mood) and packaged in a 10 ml cobalt blue glass bottle with steel roller ball.

*Avoid using during pregnancy (although this can help ease labor pains, check with your healthcare provider before using the Moon Time Relief during your labor experience)

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