Manifesting 101: Vision Boards

4 years ago, I would have rolled my eyes if someone suggested I create a vision board. The thought of cutting words + pictures from magazines, gluing them down on poster board, all to manifest what I truly desired would've gone in one ear + out the other. Likely with many eye rolls.

This past month, I created my third solid vision board. The first (made at one of the retreats I co-create) was filled with words + images that in some shape or form, came to fruition in my world.

A vision board can exist in many forms, but I recommend a simple poster board with words, images or affirmations that you wish to bring in to your life, feel or embark on. This might sound elementary, if you think this, I suggest you ask yourself why. There's usually one person in the group (while crafting vision boards) who radiates frustration or goes completely blank + physically can't do it. When self-doubt, blocks + guilt are present in your life, self-deserving creative endeavors are excruciatingly painful to do. This is why I would have dismissed this craft 4 years ago.

Vision boards are a specific, visual catalyst for manifestation. The energy you put into thinking about what you want, being specific, cutting out images + even gluing your pieces onto your board is merely raising your personal vibration + alignment with your desires. Don't like this spiritual mumbo jumbo talk, I get you, here's the bottom line, ask for what you fucking deserve with something you create with your amazing two hands.

The second part of why a vision board works? Showcasing you masterpiece out for all the world to see, visualization. Hanging it up in a space you see daily (fridge, hallway, work space), showing it to your loved ones + even snapping a photo of it (make that your phone background, yo) reaffirms those specific desires further by becoming accountable on a whole other level.

Ready to concoct your vision board? Here are some helpful tips to get your manifestation on.


dim the lights, light some candles, drop a bit of heart-opening Damiana (I love La Abeja's version) under your tongue or put on some good jams - do whatever you need to do to get your mind in alignment. This also means being mindful of who it around you, don't make your vision board among people who hold you down or don't align with you. Your board will not reflect who you truly are + what you really want.

cut it out

old magazines are your best friend for this project, here are some ideas on what you should look for when making selections for your board:

  • words - how you want to feel ("calm" + "happier" come to mind)
  • people - planning on conceiving in the next year? Cut out babies or pregnant women. Manifesting bringing in financial abundance? Cut out someone who like they're enjoying financial freedom.
  • the material - This one can be hard, many of us either don't feel we're deserving of amazing things or many of us are unaligned with what we think we want. Dig deep on this one. Want to redo that back deck? Something simpler like purchasing a new oil diffuser? Glue that down!
  • numbers - My best friend wrote a realistic but higher salary down on a vision board, the next year she goat an offer for the exact amount she wrote. Financial numbers, target dates, ages... they'll all work.
  • yourself in the middle - find a photo of yourself, cut yourself out + put in smack dab in the middle of your vision board. This is an amazing way to ground yourself, in the most visual way, to everything you are manifesting. 

project it

After your work of art is done, the manifestation begins. Before posting it up, close your eyes + meditate on the themes, words + photos you've created. Put it on your wall (my recent one is on my workspace shelves). On a new moon (2017 dates here), look at it, touch it + set intentions on different aspects you cut out.


A few months later, maybe you didn't get that Mastiff (dog) you cut out, but surprisingly, a new neighbor has a friendly bulldog that loves your through-the-fence-pets. Allow the universe to show you how it's manifested something in a different way. once you see all these inner workings, you might be surprised how much aligns with your board.


I hope reading this, your mind is starting to click into some sort of manifestation gears. A great time to start vision boards would be on a new moon, your birthday or anytime beginning a new phase in your life (break up, move or emotional change). Have any questions about vision boards or manifestation practices, feel free to connect with me at