vision boards: visualizing your value

A few years ago, I would have rolled my eyes if someone suggested I create a vision board. The thought of cutting words and pictures from magazines, gluing them down on poster board, all to manifest what I truly desired would've gone in one ear and out the other. The whole topic of "manifesting" is often problematic, typically used by white women (see White Ladies Finding Themselves Sisterhoods by Rachael Rice) to visualize a generous income, lavish vacations, pricey forms of self care and such. I look at vision boards not as a privileged device, but more so to visually create something that holds you accountable to your worth

For the last four years, I've created a vision board. Each has been filled with words and images that in some shape or form, came to fruition or held me responsible to a goal or desire.

The most important foundation of creating a vision board is having an authentic purpose for it. Creating a vision board for wrong reasons (undeserved luxuries, status asking for more when you have the most) is well... wrong. If you're creating it for the right reasons,  start with simple poster board that will house words, images or affirmations that represent your value, what you wish to bring in to your life, feel or embark on. This might sound elementary, if you think this, I suggest you ask yourself why. There's usually one person in the group (while crafting vision boards) who radiates frustration or goes completely blank and physically can't do it. When undeserving feelings or self-doubt make room creative endeavors (especially when it comes to reflecting on self-worth) are excruciatingly painful to do. Sit in that uncomfort. It might be the time for healing, introspection and not for making a visual representation for yourself.

Vision boards are a specific, visual catalyst for manifestation, they can be powerful and uncomfortable. Treat the act of cutting gluing pieces on your board as raising your personal vibration, your value and alignment with your goals. When thinking about what you want on your board, be specific!


Another reason why your vision board is a powerful tool? Showcasing you masterpiece out for all the world to see. Visualization. Hanging it up in a space you see daily (fridge, hallway, work space), showing it to your loved ones or even snapping a photo of it (make that your phone background) reaffirms your worth and desires by becoming accountable on a daily visual level. When thinking about what you want on your board, be specific!


Dim the lights, light some candles, connect with your favorite plant allies or oils (I love La Abeja's version), blast your favorite playlist - do whatever you need to do to get your mind in alignment. This also means being mindful of who it around you, don't make your vision board around people you don't align with or feel pressure from.

cut it out

Collect a stack of magazines, flyers,  or newspapers for your masterpiece. Need a little direction? Here are some ideas on what you could look for when making selections for your board:

  • words - how you want to feel ("calm" and "happier" come to mind)

  • people - planning on conceiving in the next year? Cut out babies or pregnant women. Ready to bring in more financial abundance? Cut out images or words that represent that feeling to you.

  • the material - This one can be hard, many of us either don't feel we're deserving of amazing things or many of us are unaligned with what we think we want. Dig deep on this one. Want to redo that back deck? Something simpler like purchasing a new oil diffuser? Glue that down. Just be mindful if you're "wanting" in excess.

  • numbers - This is ideal for goals or feeling deserving of financial numbers, target dates, ages... they'll all work.

  • yourself in the middle - find a photo of yourself, cut yourself out and put in smack dab in the middle of your vision board. This is an amazing way to represent all of those things circulating around you.

project it

After your work of art is done and before putting it in a designated place, take a good look, close your eyes and think on or say outloud the items you cut out. This can certainly turn into a ritual or monthly practice, do what feels right to you. Time to put your board up. Put it in a place you are in daily so you can see it.


A few months later, maybe you didn't get that dog you cut out, but surprisingly, a new neighbor has a friendly bulldog that loves your through-the-fence-pets. Allow your mind to see how something might come to you in a different form, be open. Once you see all these inner workings, you might be surprised how much aligns with your board.