I moon you

Painting by the magical  Stella Maria Baer

Painting by the magical Stella Maria Baer

My fascination with lunar cycles has slowly grown over the past few years. Although I could ramble how important this natural cycle can be in our lives and for our rituals, I’ll stick to the basics and explain what exactly that great big sky circle is all about.

Just like my craving for a warm root vegetables and stout creeps around every winter, the Moon's monthly transition and its shifting energies are no different. The Moon dances around the earth through different phases, just like the changing seasons and each phase can have emotional pulls, energetic sensations or a heightened physical state. For example, a full Moon often amplifies emotions (anger, sensitivity, enjoyment, sexuality, etc.) while a new Moon phase can give you a burst of energy to start something new. It is said more babies are born during a full Moon due to its gravitational pull, above the ground crops should be planted during a new Moon and estrogen levels increase during a waxing moon, please. Many of these claims are folklore which have been passed down generations, but I do like folklore and believe it captures a sense of magic and fun.

The more I open up and talk about lunar phases with people, there seems to be genuine desire to learn more about this magical cycle. So here I am, the Moon maven. To know exactly what the hell I'm talking about and what comes with each phase, you'll find it all below.

 Moon phases

Moon phases diagram

1. NEW MOON - set intentions
The Moon is dark in the sky, fresh and new. This is the optimal time to start a new project, move, set goals, go on a job search, etc. Make plans, write a list, create a vision board - anything to take small steps for what you'd like to come into fruition.

2. WAXING MOON - action into motion
This is the time to put those intentions into real-time action by gathering information, studying, networking, interviewing, creating, etc. Take note this is also carries energy to amplify physical regeneration, agility or strength. You might feel physically well and strong at this time!

3. FULL MOON - reflect and amplify
This is time to see if what you set into motion has come to fruition, needs to be nixed or readjusted. Oftentimes high or heightened emotions extend during a full Moon. The theme of letting go to things or people that no longer serve you during this time are powerful. This is also a time to look back and be thankful for how far you've come.

4. WANING MOON - rest and organize
Time for taking it slow and carving time for healing or introspection, but also a phase that asks us to remove old ways of thinking, habits or relationships. This is a wonderful time to organize, rid things you no longer need or cut cords.

Astrology and the Moon

The second piece to each lunar phase is its Astrological influence. Each full or new Moon phase falls in a certain Astrological phase (12 signs total) during its monthly course around earth. Elements, energy or even the physical influence of the Astrology sign the Moon is in can be felt, especially if you’re an empath. For example, if the full Moon is in the sign of Cancer:

CANCER TRAITS: emotional, creative, loyal, protective
MOON THEME: heightened emotions or letting go
surge of creativity, caring for a loved one or letting go of controlling a particular issue

This is the most simplistic overview that makes most sense to me (and hopefully to you, too). To make it easier, below you'll find a list of this year's Moon phases, dates and astrological influence,  plus snag the Astrology-inspired roll-on blends to embrace each phase to the max here.

2019 moon phases