Workshops with
Maven Made

Our unique hands-on workshops include:

Optional Flower Essences to begin our connection with botanical ingredients

Overview of the benefits of natural ingredients for wellness and real world ways to integrate them into your life

Noses on deck! Sensory experience and profiling of select aromatic oils

Takeaway printouts for note taking with promo code for online ordering

Custom blending of a full size product, custom label and drawstring bag

2 hour workshop (chose from 3 options below), led by Bethany Frazier the creator of Maven Made

Optional: a selection of Maven Made items to purchase before or after the workshop

Apothecary custom room spray.jpg

Room and Linen Spray Workshop

Participants can concoct their own all-natural and nontoxic 4oz room and linen spray from a variety of organic essential oils.

natural face serum oil.jpg

Face Serum Workshop

Oils work in harmony with the skin, from strengthening cells to promote regeneration or rid acne. Participants will have nourishing oils at their hands to customize their own 1/2oz facial serum.

essential oil headache.jpg

Roll-on Blend Workshop

Want your workshop focused on a particular theme (stress reduction, immunity booting, a baby friendly blend)? With a specific workshop direction, a customized 10ml roll-on blend can support a specific topic.


$300 for up to 10 participants
$15 per participant for any additional participants, 30 participants maximum

Workshop Feedback

"I attended the Yoga Dojo workshop last fall and was blown away. I can relate to your story on so many levels. I am thankful the little moments and interactions (internally and externally) that continue to shape who I am becoming. One of those moments was your workshop - so thank you."


"I loved the workshop and truly have no complaints! Overall, it was such a fun, educational, and inspiring experience for me. PLEASE keep doing workshops. I love your brand, your philosophy...everything!"

Participant blog post: RVA Made Event: Maven Made

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Tips For Workshop Success

Book and market your workshop at least a month in advance

Create a Facebook event (if that's your thing)and list the event on your website

Create a clean social media image for the event (I recommend Fotor or Canva)

Keeping with the wellness theme, offer fresh fruit, herbal tea/cocktails or infused water