The Zodiac Collection (12 Astro roll-on's)

The Zodiac Collection (12 Astro roll-on's)


Get the entire Astrology-inspired collection of synergistic roll-on blends, topped with a zodiac-specific gemstone roller + an overview card for each sign.

BLACK PEPPER focuses the mind
LEMON uplifts energy
PEPPERMINT rejuvenates senses
BRECCIATED JASPER ROLLER to ease stress, center the mind + promote organization

YLANG YLANG soothes + uplifts spirit
CARDAMOM increases mental clarity
ROSE QUARTZ ROLLER promotes unconditional love + softening

LEMONGRASS boosts confidence
BERGAMOT promotes feelings of joy
BASIL reduces metal fatigue
TIGER'S EYE ROLLER focuses the mind, eases anxiety + moodiness

BLUE CHAMOMILE reduces mental tension
JUNIPER relieves fatigue
LAVENDER calms the senses
CLEAR QUARTZ ROLLER protects + amplifies energy

NEROLI soothes the mind + body
BERGAMOT boosts overall emotional wellness
ROSE increases positivity
RED AVENTURINE ROLLER manifests goals + desires into reality

FRANKINCENSE eases digestive upsets
GRAPEFRUIT boosts confidence
TONKA BEAN grounds the mind
YLANG YLANG reduces mental confusion
CARNELIAN promotes bravery, restores vitality + motivation

ORANGE increases joy
GERANIUM balances hormones
BLACK PEPPER stimulates the mind
YLANG YLANG fights the "blues"
GREEN AVENTURINE ROLLER promotes cooperation + empathy

CEDARWOOD calms + grounds
PATCHOULI balances emotions
ORANGE induces joy
TONKA BEAN promotes passion
LEOPARD JASPER detoxifies + promotes physical healing

NEROLI softens emotions
BERGAMOT promotes joy
GERANIUM calms anxiousness
ROSEMARY focuses the mind
SODALITE ROLLER boosts logical thinking + working with others  

JUNIPER removes mental blocks
PINE energizes
VETIVER releases anxieties
BERGAMOT promotes joy
CEDARWOOD calm the mind
RAINBOW FLOURITE stabilizes energy + protects

LAVENDER soothes an overworked mind + body
LEMON reduces exhaustion
HEMATITE ROLLER absorbs negativity + promotes grounding

PATCHOULI mentally grounding
ROSE promotes self-love
CEDARWOOD relaxes mind + body
AMETHYST ROLLER balances + boosts self-worth

USE: Roll on directly to the skin + ideal for application on pulse points, chakras, third eye, bottoms of feet or wrists.

Each Pisces blend is mindfully-crafted (meaning I didn't make this if I was stressed or in a funky mood) + packaged in a 10ml cobalt glass bottle topped with an Amethyst gemstone roller ball + in a natural muslin bag with an Astrological Overview card.

All ingredients are ethically-sourced, vegan + kosher certified.

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