Lymphatic Detox Duo

Lymphatic Detox Duo


The hardworking Lymphatic System is responsible for flushing toxins, detoxification, boosting immunity, regulating blood pressure + lots more. Give this system a healthy boost while nurturing its function with this unique two step treatment. Detailed instruction card provided with each purchase.

DRY BRUSH: Dry brushing assists in removing waste, boosts blood circulation, removes dead skin cells, reduces the appearance of cellulite + stimulates the lymphatic system. This is an ideal "gateway" dry brush since it's made with softer synthetic, vegan-friendly bristles.

LYMPH BODY ELIXIR: Crafted with fatty oils, essential oils + herbs, this thick, nutrient-rich treatment can be massaged into the skin, added to dry brush bristles or mixed with your most loved lotion.

CASTOR: increases lymphocyte count (disease-fighting cells) + reduces inflammation
CALENDULA supports immunity system health + tightens skin
GRAPESEED lightly moisturizes + antioxidant-rich
JUNIPER reduces fluid retention + flushes toxins
GRAPEFRUIT simulates lymphatic glands + reduces cellulite
BLACK PEPPER stimulates circulation + eases bloating
BURDOCK ROOT induces lymph drainage + detoxification

Mindfully-crafted (meaning I didn't make this if I was stressed or in a funky mood) + packaged in a 2 oz glass cobalt bottle with glass dropper. Avoid the Lymphatic Elixir if pregnant.

All ingredients are ethically-sourced, vegan + kosher certified. *certified organic

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