10am - 6pm

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the intention
of nourish

NOURISH is a collaborative series held seasonally that allows us to nurture the shifts within ourselves. Each workshop includes intuitive practices + techniques that help cultivate self-love + care, in tangible ways. 

Our intention is to create mind, body + spirit-focused experiences that give us the space
to connect deeply with ourselves + one another in an authentic, honest + safe space.

This workshop is open to all types of women + those who identify as women,
regardless of your experience, physical state or spiritual openness. 

Prompt arrival time + an open mind are appreciated. Whether you share freely or sit quietly, taking it all in is up to you. We honor individuality + never force expectations.


retreat sessionS

Ayurvedic Movement+meditation

Our retreat begins with a guided, co-led journey through movement exploring all five elements of ayurveda: earth, water, fire, air + ether. Specific yogic postures + rhythms are designed to evoke certain feelings + expressions in the body, dislodging any stagnant energy so that we're ready to fully embrace + receive the day's energy + beyond. Our movement journey will conclude with a guided meditation to deepen the connection with our sacred surroundings, including an herbal elixir offering to enhance your experience. Instructor: Allison Walton, of & be well

*In addition to your own yoga mat, please feel free to bring props, blankets +
any other personal tools that comfort you during your practice.*

Demystifying Ayurveda + Discovering Your Personal Relationship with Balance

We are nature.... literally! The very same elements at play in the natural world all around us are the same substances that make up our physical, mental, emotional, + spiritual being. In this session we will discuss the art of learning to paying attention to how the qualities of earth, water, fire, + air dance together both within + without our physical bodies. Also learning by tuning into their ever changing nature, we can become more aware of what foods, herbs, practices + lifestyle choices would be most balancing for our unique constitution at any age, in any season, through any transition, + with what ever surprises life has for us. Instructor: Maris Mendez

crafting your own herbal tonic

We'll discuss the intricacies of herbal formulating for your own personal health story. Herbal medicines can be an incredibly effective addition to a woman's healing journey, + specific herbs + formulas can serve both acute issues + also chronic conditions. In this botanical medicine class, we will review some of the most supportive herbal therapeutics for women's health (not just for hormones!), + discuss the difference between formulas that either enhance or compensate for the body's natural function. We'll craft a tea formula together + review the details of herbal formulating so you can prepare your own herbal tonic teas for years to come. Instructor: Lindsay Kluge of Ginger Tonic Botanicals

connecting with the plant world

In this intimate workshop setting, we'll unveil light + the powers of plant medicine, specifically the realm of Flower Essences + how they can integrate into our everyday life or for a specific purpose (shadow work, release, soften the heart, setting boundaries + more). You will have the opportunity to select one of six Flower Essences (made by Austin-based LaAbeja Herbs) to use as this session will transition into a guided meditative journey that will heighten our connection with nature. Instructor: Bethany Frazier of Maven Made

sound bath

The day will end with a transformative Sound Concert with the Himalayan Singing Bowls under the Full Moon in Taurus. Healing sounds from 18 hand-hammered + blessed metal singing bowls + a gong will fill you with calming vibrations to help reduce stress, induce full-body relaxation, + balance your chakras. Orchestrated by: Natasha Foreman of Lucid Living

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