Stockist Spotlight: Sonoran Rose

Creating products with my two hands is quite personal, so are the relationships I have with the stores + humans that carry Maven Made.

Maven Made has recently added a handful of out-of-state  (aka stores that carry Maven Made) + I couldn't be more excited. Even more exciting are the people behind each one of these businesses so, it feels like a perfect fit to take a dive into these store, markets + studios. Maryland's Sonoran Rose was the first in line, naturally I wanted to know more. So here's the dish on this mother double daughter team.

Tell me a little about the vision behind Sonoran Rose: It's really about getting back to basics. We wanted to create a lifestyle boutique with very curated + unique items, things that people won't find in a conventional mall or big box retailer. While many of our products are from the USA, we do carry brands from around the world, ranging from small artisans in the south of France to charitable rhino organizations in South Africa! So we are always trying to keep things original.

One thing that definitely sets us apart is that we are able to provide some background on just about every one of our products. We love learning any fun detail about the brand or product so that we can share that story with our customers.

With our clothing, we have created a very authentic bohemian-chic vibe, + our customer is a laid-back but hip woman who prefers to feel + try on her clothes rather than order it online. She is the woman who still likes to take the time to write a hand-written card, or try amazing facial products from Maven Made, neither of which she will find online! Ultimately, we are trying to shift the way of retail away from online shopping + bring the focus back to person-to-person interactions, which are so healthy + wonderful.

People will eventually get tired of interacting with a computer screen or trying to hunt down a salesperson in a giant warehouse, we hope when they do they come out to support stores like ourselves, where they can shop a beautiful selection of quality products and enjoy some good company + conversation (+ usually samples of awesome chocolate!)

What has been your favorite part of Sonoran Rose or being a business owner?  Because we are a mother-daughter team, I have to say that has been the highlight; getting to call your mom + sister business partners is awesome! There is a certain level of trust, dependency, +  work ethic that flows so organically within a family unit, I don't think that exists as much in a non-family business.

In terms of being a business owner, I think we all three agree that the satisfaction of not having to call someone else the boss is the best part. All the hours we put in, all the decisions we make, that all comes back to us, + it is a very rewarding feeling. While there are definitely difficult + stressful aspects of being a business owner, we all feel that the reward of working for yourself outweighs all the negative.

Anything you're looking to manifest for the future? We've considered getting into kids gifts/clothes, so that might be something we do further down the road. Right now we are really getting more and more into stationery and paper products, which is a lot of fun. Otherwise, we want to keep finding those unique, small brands to represent and support. We are all about working with other small brands!

What is your favorite Maven Made product? My personal favorite is the face serum! I don't put anything else on my face, just the serum, it keeps it perfectly moist without getting oily. I have crazy sensitive skin so I always appreciate a clean product, + bonus points for the crisp + beautiful packaging, it makes me want to use it 24/7!!

If you're in the Potomac, MD area, make sure to stop by to check out this boutique.

Sonoran Rose
12211 River Road
Potomac, MD 20854