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I stepped inside my first infrared sauna at Purify last winter + I still don't know how to exactly describe the experience or feelings after other than absolutely refreshing. Something nourishing happened under those infrared lights that diminished a bit of my winter gloom, brightened my mood + made my skin feel pretty rad. I'm looking forward to a few sessions again this winter.

Different from a high heat or steam sauna, infrared saunas use far infrared waves to penetrate the body in a way standard saunas cannot. This warm deep therapy has been proven to detoxify the body, relieve inflammation (pain), eases SAD symptoms,  boost circulation, nourish skin, burn calories + more.

Mary Woodbridge opened Purify in 2015 to bring this beneficial infrared therapy to Richmond + it's proving success since she just opened a second location in the West End. Mary pretty much reminds me of that older cool + calm high school babysitter you had in your neighborhood, but given her coolness, she knows how to run a successful business that also nurtures the body, spirit + mind. 

I asked Mary a series of questions to get to know her better this summer + yes, I'm just now getting to publishing this but I truly couldn't think of a better season to share about the magic of Purify.

what was the vision behind purify?

The vision for Purify was to create a relaxing and calm haven, where individuals can experience infrared sauna therapy in a private and comfortable environment.

what has been your favorite
part of creating purify?

My favorite part of creating Purify has been meeting all of the people who find relief from infrared therapy. Whether it's an illness, physical pain or stress, it brings me so much joy to hear clients express their gratitude for Purify, and tell me how they are living and feeling better now with the sauna in their life.

It's a personal experience that really benefits everyone in their own way!

any future plans?

I'd love to just expand my business and introduce more people to the benefits of infrared. Right now we are actually working on a second location that will be opening in Short Pump in the Fall! I hope to continue improving Purify and find ways to make it even more relaxing and rewarding for my clients.

What is your favorite Maven Made product?

My favorite Maven Made product is definitely our custom Purify Rosewater Face + Body mist! It's so light and refreshing, you can use it literally anywhere on your body. It's so versatile, one of our clients even swears it helps soothe and heal her mosquito bites!


Purify Patterson
5609 Patterson Ave
Suite D, Richmond VA 23226
(804) 573-9925

Purify Short Pump
301 Maltby Boulevard
Suite C, Henrico, VA 23233
(804) 360-0003





Bethany Frazier