Every time I walk into Om On Yoga, I feel like I'm walking into a friend's home. There's always some sort of lighthearted conversation, laughs + an overall feeling of warmth radiates from the walls of this yoga studio + boutique. Besides these feelings of the warm fuzzies, Om On sells the hell out of Maven Made products, in fact it's one of the most profitable stockists. While this is amazing from a business standpoint, what gives me more comfort is knowing people are buying + using non-toxic products on their skin (or in the air). Going way deep, whether customers know it or not, they're investing in their health + that in itself is everything.

Kelly Kostecki (I'm realizing how much her name sounds like my 90's crush, Kelly Kopawski), the maven behind Om On was kind enough to dive deep on a few questions below.

tell me a little about the vision + history behind om on.

The idea of Om On came shortly after my husband + I moved from the midwest to Richmond. I was looking to create a unique business that would focus on living a life of greater balance + foster a community. I had long made yoga + wellness a focal point in my own life, + had reveled in the dream of sharing this passion for the practice with others. Also, my husband + I both have business backgrounds + we longed to embark on the entrepreneurial path.  

So we launched Om On Yoga 7 years ago, as a space with a deep devotion to yoga + a belief in it’s transformational power. Our vision is to reach individuals + empower them to aspire to live an even greater life for themselves. We do this in a way that provides a safe + comforting community + space that supports students wherever they maybe on their own path, + gives them the tools they need to continue further.

what has been your favorite part of om on?

My favorite part hands down has been our community. I may be biased, but I truly believe we have the very best instructors + the coolest student tribe in town.  

I have also been grateful for the opportunity to grow as a business owner + individual. You never know what a small business asks of you + I’m always up for the challenge.

anything you're looking
to manifest for the future?

Currently, I am focused on our newest member of the Om On family: It has been an incredible experience to launch our boutique line to the online community + I’m excited about the what the future holds for this path.  

I’m also super psyched about the hand crafted Retreat experiences (learn more here) that we are hosting at the hippest spots around the world including a private fly fishing ranch in Montana, organic lavender farm in New Mexico, + fingers crossed we’ll add a few more to the mix including a glamping site out west. Our goal is to create one-of-a-kind experiences that elevate yoga + wellness while focusing on the local culture + natural environment. I just got back from our Los Poblanos Retreat + was able to indulge in a sound bath out in the lavender fields, Ayurveda cooking class + aromatherapy sensory journey where we distilled roses + custom blended our very own signature scent.  

I’m also tinkering around with an Om On Product line + an enhanced studio concept that would bring some cool new aspects to the brick + mortar space.

what is your favorite
maven made product?

I love them all, but I have to go with the Facial Serum used daily + our custom blended Maven Made x Om On Trio, which features a Meditation, Practice, + Savasana blend. I use them to support my practice + our students love them! 


320 Libbie Ave
Richmond, VA 23226

(804) 282-9642