Stockist Spotlight: Jackson & James

Ah, Scott's Addition, the land of breweries, warehouses, overpriced lofts + new developments. When I got wind a sleek + cool men's clothing store was planning to open in this buzzworthy area, I was interested.

I contacted them to see if they'd be interested in carrying the Maven Made Beard Oils. A few weeks later, I found myself hanging with the owners (a brother sister duo) at a nearby coffee shop, with a dozen essential oils in front of us to concoct a custom Denim Cleansing Spray for their store. This is a perfect example of why I absolutely love the local business owners in this community. An introduction most always turns into a relationship + sometimes, a really awesome product.

jackson and james

Rachel & Mike just opened their doors last month so I was pleasantly surprised they got to me so quick to share thoughts on the topics below, enjoy:

Tell me a little about the vision behind Jackson & James. Jackson & James is a men’s store for those looking for clothes with a little better design, a little higher quality + a lot closer to home. We focus on craftsmanship, the makers behind the clothing +accessories and the story that comes along with everything it sells.

Although you guys are still fresh in the game, what has been your favorite part of launching the shop? We've already met so many cool + amazing people in the time before we even opened our doors. So many folks are so supportive + enthusiastic of what we're doing, it's been so warming to hear.

Anything you're looking to manifest for the future?
We're just eager to see what resonates with people and hope we can introduce people to some new brands they love.

What is your favorite wellness product? It may not be for your personal wellness, but for your denim wellness we're loving the custom Maven Made Denim Spray we've got! It's all-natural, smells amazing + will help you maintain the investment that is a high quality pair of denim.

*side note - The Denim Cleansing Sprays are exclusive to Jackson & James (you can only find it there). There are two versions available, a Black Pepper + Bergamot or Tea Tree + Cedarwood, both are amazing + made with antibacterial ingredients that are natural, ethically sourced, vegan + kosher.*

Jackson & James store information:

3200 Rockbridge St.
Suite 102
Richmond, VA 23230
(804) 480-1154