Stockist Spotlight: Bailiú

Mindful Meredith, that's the storybook character name I would give to the one woman show behind Bailiú, an online store geared towards the conscious buyer, but truly serves everyone in between.

The two of us were connected by ways of Richmond-based Campfire & Co. (love the connections this city brings) + that's when Meredith inquired about carrying Maven Made products on her site. The rest is herstory.

Meredith is based out of Roanoke, VA. That being said, working with a stockist who isn't local can often feel less intimate, but when I sent Meredith these questions + received her answers, so many layers were peeled back + I now feel like I get this mindful + brilliant woman.

Q: Tell me a little about
the vision behind Bailiú

I became more mindful about reducing my use of disposables + single-use plastics after a cross-country move from Oakland, CA to Southwest Virginia. After a decade of carrying a reusable tote in the Bay Area, I found myself living in a place where Styrofoam + plastic bags were the norm, which felt shocking. I started paying closer attention to the choices I made + asking more questions. 

I found many helpful resources about adopting a zero waste lifestyle, but they also felt intimidating + the lifestyle unattainable. There seemed to be a lack of forgiveness + humor in the options out there. I wanted to offer an accessible way to start making better choices without taking ourselves so seriously, + while maintaining a sense of style.  Practical goods should also be beautiful. Our Starter Sets are a great entry point. I started Bailiú to create a shop for the stylish beginner minimalist because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style to be kind to the Earth.

Q: So far, what has been your favorite part of creating Bailiú?

A big part of the joy that I get from Bailiú is curating a collection of products that I would gift to a dear friend. Gift giving is my love language! I love the idea of introducing a dear friend to a product that will make her home + her heart a little happier. The word Bailiú means “a gathering or collection.”  Bringing together like-minded people with well made goods from soulful makers is the heart of Bailiú. 

Q: Anything you're looking
to manifest for the future?

I’ll be hosting a series of film screenings + panel discussions to encourage female empowerment + entrepreneurship. I’m also interested in becoming a community educator, leading workshops about environmental responsibility, zero waste practices, + the circular mindset (as soon as I tackle my fear of public speaking). I’m excited for a few collaborations with other female entrepreneurs. While it’s important to have mentors, I’m finding a true joy in learning from my peers, the women who are on a similar path + have such valuable insight to offer.

Q: What is your favorite
Maven Made product?

It’s a close race between the Rosewater Wondermist + the Facial Serum.  These two products are my entire skincare regime, and it’s a perfect balance. But, if I have to choose, the Rosewater Wondermist is my favorite. It’s lightweight, smells amazing and is an instant mood booster. I have a toddler. So, on the rough days, when the going gets tough, I give myself a little extra spritz, take a deep breath + keep it moving.

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