Going Wireless

"Add-2-Cups Push-Up" from Victoria's Secret. Seriously.

"Add-2-Cups Push-Up" from Victoria's Secret. Seriously.

I'm not talking WiFi, I'm talking boobs, specifically my boobs... this summer.

Ever since I "blossomed" in my early 20's (late boob bloomer here) my bra drawer has been filled with nearly every type of bra - halter, strapless, lace, heavy duty, t-shirt - you name it, I've had it. To justify my reg girl brassiere history further, I've supported Victoria's Secret in every fashion through an insane amount of purchases of padded push ups, plunges + demis... + the PINK sweatpants. Yep. It was 2005.

Through weight fluctuations, getting older + becoming more active, the result is a beautiful, less perkier bust. Like other women, I've rode many waves of body issues, finally coming to this point: I wouldn't change a damn thing. Talking with others candidly about their emotional connection to their changing bodies, it's very clear we all have our hurdles when it comes to love handles, cellulite + weight gains. Every single one of us, even my modelesque fiancée with 0% body fat, has their internal battle. Luckily, Richmond boasts one healthy feminist-centered, body-positive community that truly embraces the beauty of "imperfections".

Finding the purest form of self-love is allowing your body to just be. In doing this, I now find breast implants sad, Victoria's Secret grossly (+ unnecessary) sexualized + push up wire-heavy bras to be my enemy.

For you, it might mean wearing your short shorts again, regardless of new stretch marks or ignoring the stares when you rock your unshaven legs. If something you're wearing/appearing makes others feel uncomfortable, that is only a mirror image feeling reflecting back their own self-consciousnesses. I know this because I used to do this with women, the stares we're just a reflection of my many deep insecurities.

So, this summer, I decided to free the boob, ditch my old bras + embrace the handful of American Apparel cotton crossback bras that had been lingering in my drawer. Thoughts of "will my boobs be droopy?" or "will people notice?" kept me from breaking these out until recently. The verdict?

I won't ever go back.

I've also gone bra-less several times + it feels all sorts of right (of course, there will be the occasional strapless bra when things could get real cave woman without it). Concerns if it people would notice have been diminished, my natural shape is something I honor. The idea of thick foam cups that provide a false shape seems foreign + odd now.

The comfort or the two fucks I give by ridding my insecurity + allowing something more natural to keep my ladies intact is priceless. Plus, I think it looks sexier, who's with me on this?

If you're on the border of trying it out or have made the switch, I want to hear what you have to say about it. Let's embrace some wireless love, ladies.

p.s. - Going braless is not for everyone, every body is different when it comes to comfort. One of my dear friends reports it's a little painful to not wear a bra + finds comfort when her boobs are nice + supported. Cheers to that!