Being a Mindful Lady Boss

At 31 years old, discovering I'm more entrepreneurial than I ever expected (ah, those silly expectations). It's pretty damn cool... but at times, a little frightening.

Being a small business maven has made me realize the power of saying "no" when I'm stretched too thin or in situations that really don't serve me or my vision. With this mindset + honing in on my ever-changing balance, I'm not perfect. I screw up, make bad choices, (more on this with a specific product later) but always allow my growing intuition guide me out.

When we suffocate that inner voice, letting those things that don't feel "right" to exist, we're allowing the things that don't serve us to exist, which causes unnecessary + typically avoidable unalignment. It's simple, but challenging to find that voice. I'm still working on it.

I always encourage others with an entrepreneurial venture to tap into their idea they might be holding back on. "It's not the right time" or "I don't know where to start" are two common phrases that enable any vision to remain dormant.

I'm not a organizational coach or a full time business owner, but I know with a vision, loving support + self-love (this one is most important), allowing your idea to manifest is absolutely possible. If it doesn't work out, it's not meant to be... at that time. If it feels aligned later, try again.

Navigating away from my zen speak (I get on these riffs more + more), as a lady boss, some things keep me sane. I find with many other young business owners, we have our own unique forms of stability, here are a few of mine.

My dog, Grant. Our story, his sweet face, unconditional love + shy spirit keeps my soul blissed out + patient.

Yoga + meditation. This is my therapy, my glass of wine + connector to some great women in the community. I practice at Humble Haven, it's magical.

Saying no. Recently, I've been paying attention to my body + mind when it's exhausted or just plain not interested. Saying no is powerful + it's making me a stronger business owner, partner, women + human being. 

Ipanema Cafe. A few blocks down from my place is a small vegetarian hideaway, tucked in a cool dark basement space. I've fallen in love with the people who work there, their tofu cesar wrap + the vegan apple pie (made by the amazing WPA bakery).

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